Every home has its own story

NID, which stands for New Innovative Dynamic, may be a budding interior design company, but our team of designers have garnered years of experience in interior design. Adept in the different areas, to be interior consultancy, project budgeting, project management, alteration and addition (A&A) works, we delves into the team’s years of experience to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for our customers.

After all, we believes that great client’s satisfaction comes about when a space has been turned into a home for well living. Committed to giving our clients a better understanding of renovation that is “executed in the proper and correct way” as a professional renovation team we go all out of our way to make sure that every single details are well taken care of.

Sam Tan, Creative Director of NID Design Group, have his own philosophy when comes to handling every projects – “Every home has their own story”. Therefore we believe in the importance of personalised design services to cater the needs of every individual customer, merging sophisticated and unique design with the comfort of home.

NID Design Group Services:
• Interior/Exterior design for residential
• Commercial, F&B, Office and Retail Space
• A&A and construction work of landed property

We personalize your design

Our goal is to make sure our customers are satisfied with their look, feel and style of their house. Afterall, it will be a place they will call their home, for years to come.

And elevate your ideas to reality.

What you have in mind, we can project it to reality. No matter the style of your home, what we can do for you is give you your very own sanctuary.

• Design Project

• Interior Visualization

• Concept

• Office Design

• Retail Space Design

• Project Management